Where can you turn for guidance? In 1982, we recognized the common need for a trusted advisor to support an organization’s investments in the senior living business. Strategic planning and development were often a one-time effort for sponsors who needed a broader knowledge base to advise them on the business aspects of planning, financing and operations. Greystone filled that need, providing guidance and recommendations that reflected a real-time understanding of innovations and best practices nationwide.

Building Relationships Throughout Senior Living

Do you have access to the experts you need, when you need them? To complement our in-house team, we have built key relationships throughout the industry. We know investors, bankers, architects, designers, contractors, marketing and advertising agencies, and other service providers with experience working with senior living providers. These relationships allow us to make informed recommendations that best support your needs.

We are also committed to advancing education throughout the industry by offering a series of learning opportunities throughout the year:

  • The Greystone Event: Each summer we welcome providers and other professionals from across senior living to Texas for three days of education, networking and dialogue about our industry.
  • Sales Adventure: Community-based senior living marketers step away from the sales office to spend time with their peers and to learn about the most current and most effective marketing tactics, strategies and best practices.
  • Ziegler Greystone Executive Symposium: A small, intimate gathering that includes senior living executives and board members, the Symposium is an early-year opportunity to look at growth and how organizations are pursuing their goals.
  • Management Symposium: Executive directors and assistant executive directors join Greystone’s financial and operations management teams to reset and refocus on how to best serve the current generation of residents.
  • Development Conference: A senior living development, redevelopment or expansion includes a broad project team and multiple disciplines. We gather architects, contractors, engineers, interior designers and others to discuss efficiency and the best approaches to serving residents.
  • Micro-Symposia: Our team members travel to different parts of the country to visit with providers in their own regions. These events are smaller and more accessible, and they provide an opportunity for deeper discussion about senior living specific to local markets.
  • Investor Conference: We often invite senior living bondholders to visit our office and discuss the current environment, and we also take the time to visit these bondholders at their own offices to continue the dialogue and maintain strong relationships.
  • LeadingAge Conferences: We also participate in state and national LeadingAge events throughout the year. As part of our commitment to senior living we serve as a LeadingAge Silver Partner

We host and participate in these conferences to facilitate learning opportunities, but also to further engage and network with those who believe in advancing senior living opportunities nationally.

Facing Challenges, Adapting to Change

What challenge is your community or organization facing? Through more than 30 years in senior living, we’ve helped clients achieve success and weather challenges. We can look back at the Savings & Loan Crisis of the 1980s, the Post-Gulf War recession of the early 1990s, the post-9/11 slowdown, and, of course, the fallout after Lehman Brothers in 2008. Through each challenge, we’ve leaned on persistence and creativity in planning to see that our clients not only survive but also thrive. We are tenacious in seeing that your plans reach the best possible conclusion, no matter how the environment around us changes.

It’s important to adapt and change with the industry and the wants and needs of seniors. Financing structures change and evolve over the years, as do the communities they fund. We’re attuned to the ever-increasing demands of residents and their collective desire to enjoy a senior living experience that exceeds their expectations.

Through every challenge, through every change, Greystone has been an innovator and early adopter. We create, test and implement the latest in senior living thinking, maintaining leadership in workable solutions.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your organization.