Class was in session this week as Greystone hosted the Spring Semester of Sales School for professionals new to the senior living industry and those with experience desiring to brush up on their skills.

Held at Greystone’s headquarters in Irving, Texas, this 4-day seminar provided an excellent opportunity for networking and discussing challenges in attendees’ communities. The Sales School sessions presented techniques to grow occupancy at every level of care by focusing on sales training, resident needs, most effective strategies for connecting with seniors and communicating the benefits of the CCRC lifestyle.

Open to both Greystone and non-Greystone clients, the intentionally limited class size allowed Greystone’s team to provide a more individualized and personalized experience. This semester, 17 sales and marketing professionals from across the country, attended Sales School. In addition to classroom learning and role play, the Marketing Team hosted nightly networking outings. The final day featured an opportunity for small groups to show what they learned throughout the week in a creative “show and tell” session entitled “So You Think You Can Sell?!?!”. Four groups presented various creative displays of their knowledge resulting in: a video, a game show, an adult-child appointment simulation and a sales appointment reenactment that ended in song and dance.

Steffany Perry

“Sales School has been an incredible and valuable experience. I came away with real-world, practical ideas that I am eager to implement in my community. The Greystone staff demonstrated  every aspect of what they were teaching in their preparation, hospitality and quality of instruction. I highly recommend Sales School to anyone who wants to take their Senior Living sales skills to new levels.” Steffany Perry, CRISTA Senior Living (a non-Greystone client), Community Relations Associate, said. 



“Sales school is a great opportunity for both industry veterans and those new to senior housing to learn Greystone’s Best Practices.  Essential skills, leading insights and

Kristine Graeber

cutting-edge methodology for the best possible sales outcomes are provided in these information packed sessions. Beyond the knowledge participants gain from Sales School, it is an excellent opportunity to network and embrace a culture of knowledge, leadership, positivity and fun.   It was great to see the enthusiasm of the attendees and their excitement to bring the knowledge they gained back to their communities to be successful!” Kristine Graeber, Corporate Vice President-Marketing Services, said.


Jessica Brannan

“Attending Greystone’s Sales School was everything I needed to return to my normal day to day and make it something spectacular. I left feeling energized and excited about what is to come for the future. The entire Greystone team is revolutionizing and incredibly forward thinking. From best practices to industry trends, Sales School covered every base and allowed us to slide into home plate. We were reminded and encouraged to invest in ourselves and to dive deep into the lives of the seniors we serve.” Jessica Brannan, The Buckingham Senior Living Counselor, said.


Other educational sessions this semester addressed highly relevant topics, including:

  • Adult-child influencers
  • Anticipating objections
  • Closing
  • Customer profiles
  • Development cycles
  • Digital inquiries
  • Discovery process
  • First impressions and visitor experience
  • Health care
  • Lead generation and management
  • Leadership
  • Media and technology
  • Move-in day
  • Opening a community
  • Phone calls
  • Referral development
  • Referrals
  • Social media
  • Tours: first impressions and the visitor experience
  • Wait list options

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