The final education session of The Greystone Event 2013 closed exactly one month ago. Since then we’ve shared Event highlights via text, photos and videos. In case you missed anything, here’s a rundown of our Event content followed by a gallery of Event photos:

Adult Child Influencer Panel 
This year’s Event included adult children who had recently moved parents or in-laws into continuing care retirement communities. The panelists also work in the senior living industry, providing them a unique perspective from which to discuss their parents and the process of moving into senior living. Read the transcript and download a printable brochure.

10 Big Ideas 
The Event included 10 education sessions spread across two days. Each session included senior living professionals addressing topics relevant to today’s providers. We compressed these 10 sessions (and hours of discussion) into a 7-minute video. Be sure to catch the secret to occupancy success, shared at the 4:19 mark. See our 10 Big Ideas video.

Your Innovations 
In a session on increasingly expectant seniors and how to design for their current and future needs, Greystone’s Stuart Jackson and Pat Gleason spoke about innovation and ideas for exceeding resident expectations. They asked the audience to text their own ideas for innovation. Stuart wrote last week about what the audience texted and how those responses align with big-picture best practices. Read Stuart’s post.

The Diamond Awards 
On the Event’s final day, Greystone’s Rick Cumberland recognized the 2013 Diamond Award winners. Four communities earned Diamond Awards this year: The Buckingham in Houston; Edgemere in Dallas; Edgewood Summit in Charleston, W.Va.; and Querencia at Barton Creek in Austin, Texas. See the Diamond Awards presentation.