The importance of effective marketing and sales performance cannot be overstated in senior living today and in the future. That is why Greystone is pleased and excited to announce the promotion of three team members to leadership roles in its Corporate Marketing Department.

Effective immediately, Mindy Cheek, Mary Jane Fitts and Tricia Mackin will assume responsibility for departmental leadership, focused on the delivery of innovative marketing and sales services to our senior living clients nationwide.

  • Mindy Cheek joined Greystone in 2011, and she will be promoted to the title of First Vice President.
  • Mary Jane Fitts joined Greystone in 2012, and she will be promoted to the title of First Vice President.
  • Tricia Mackin joined Greystone in 2010, and she will continue with the title of First Vice President.

These three marketing and sales professionals offer exceptional talent and drive, as well as a wealth of experience in the senior living industry. They have earned these roles and accompanying titles in leading Greystone’s marketing services.

Their collective responsibilities will include the development and execution of marketing strategies, marketing oversight, marketing plans and budgets, as well as sales performance across all the levels of living that Greystone’s clients serve.

Greystone offers comprehensive marketing and sales services developed to meet a diverse range of client needs, including: marketing services at new campuses, operations marketing, marketing audits, CRM support and management, agency selection and supervision, sales training, recruitment, marketing advisory services and sales execution.

Throughout Greystone’s history, it has emphasized recruiting and developing outstanding team members. The promotion of these three senior living professionals is a testament to successful talent identification and development, as well as to their collective skill and ability to further advance Greystone’s dynamic and thoughtful marketing and sales programs through strong leadership and unmatched professionalism.

Join us in congratulating Mindy, Mary Jane and Tricia, and please feel free to get in touch with any of them should you have questions or need their expert guidance. Send messages to their attention using our contact form.