In September 2011, Greystone hosted a Senior Living Executive Symposium in Greensboro, N.C. Attendees included senior living organizations from North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee, representatives from LeadingAge North Carolina and other industry professionals. The purpose was for all parties to learn from each other through open dialogue. Discussion topics included:

  • The changing mindset of the senior consumer
  • Strategies for achieving growth in a challenging environment and examples of how providers are implementing these strategies today
  • Competitive response through community repositioning or expansion
  • Developing and executing a strategic vision

Tom Akins, president and CEO of LeadingAge North Carolina, said: “Our field’s success moving forward hinges upon our ability to collaborate, share knowledge and innovate. Greystone’s day-long symposium did just that by offering those in attendance the chance to learn, to share with their peers and to bounce new ideas off the group.”

The 2011 Greystone Executive Symposium in Greensboro was a great success. Greystone professionals were able to speak one-on-one with individual organizations as well as present information in more formal settings – two benefits of the Symposium’s smaller setting. Through these discussions, it became clear that organizations are optimistic about the future and currently planning and executing growth strategies. These organizations also continued to improve financial performance through this year despite the struggling economy.