Greystone presents the Diamond Awards each year to honor the most accomplished Greystone-managed senior living communities from around the country. The Diamond Awards take into account several components:

  • Resident satisfaction
  • First impressions
  • Financial performance
  • Hospitality
  • Professional employee growth
  • Community accomplishments
  • Leadership development

To be considered, each community submits a binder that documents its performance in these areas and more. Holleran conducts resident and employee satisfaction surveys, and Greystone conducts an unannounced first-impressions visit. Finally, Greystone evaluates each community’s submission and scores to determine if it qualifies for a Diamond Award.

The Diamond Awards feature four tiers: one Diamond (score of 82–86), two Diamonds (87–90), three Diamonds (91–94), and four Diamonds (95 and higher). This year’s ceremony also included a special Diamond Award presented to LeadingAge CEO Larry Minnix.

While the Diamond Awards are not an end to themselves, they do help communities deliver on service excellence and provide the very best senior living management services. Here are this year’s honorees:


Two-Diamond Recognition

Sponsor: Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation
Location: Dallas, Texas
ED: John Falldine

Santa Marta
Sponsor: Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas
Location: Olathe, Kan.
ED: Chet Surmaczewicz


One-Diamond Recognition

Aberdeen Heights
Sponsor: Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America
Location: Kirkwood, Mo.
ED: Jamie Kneen

The Buckingham
Sponsor: Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation
Location: Houston, Texas
ED: Julie Fenske

Edgewood Summit
Sponsor: ABH, Inc.
Location: Charleston, W.Va.
ED: Diane Gouhin

Gulf Coast Village
Sponsor: Volunteers of America
Location: Cape Coral, Fla.
ED: Kevin Ahmadi

Querencia at Barton Creek
Sponsor: Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation
Location: Austin, Texas
ED: Nate Weyand

See photos from the Diamond Award presentation in the gallery below.

Diamond 2015 1 Diamond 2015 2 Diamond 2015 3 Diamond 2015 4 Diamond 2015 5 Diamond 2015 6 Diamond 2015 7 Diamond 2015 8 Diamond 2015 9 Diamond 2015 10 Diamond 2015 11