In the last six weeks, our industry has been turned upside down due to COVID-19. Everything about our communities – processes, procedures, logistics, sales, marketing, move-ins, – has been affected and teams have rebuilt what their day-to-day operations look like, no matter the stage or scope their community or in-progress project.

However, just as we have seen other industries and businesses adapt to this new normal, so have these communities. For this month’s Community Spotlight, we are featuring not just one, but multiple communities who are turning their creativity to the max and coming up with new, fresh ways to conduct business and keep residents and depositors, safe, healthy, and engaged.

Presbyterian Village North – Dallas, TX

In late March, the fitness team at PVN, a Forefront Living community, distributed workout equipment kits to all residents in order to help them stay active.

They have also implemented a mobile happy hour, where staff members go door-to-door to make each resident’s personalized drink.

The RiverWoods Group

These communities, consisting of Birch Hill in Manchester, NH, RiverWoods Exeter in Exeter, NH, and RiverWoods Durham in Durham, NH, are using their digital platforms to connect and update residents.

Each Wednesday at 1 PM since March 23, the RiverWoods Group has hosted live Facebook videos covering a variety of fitness topics, including meditation and yoga for beginners, kitchen cardio salsa dance parties, and parking garage dance parties (while maintaining social distancing).

They’re also offering tips and tricks for seniors who are stuck at home right now, including 10 areas of your home you can downsize, how to make a fabric face mask, and reminding residents and staff exactly what six feet looks like.

Legacy Pointe at UCFOviedo, FL

For communities like Legacy Pointe, who are not yet operational, this pandemic means adapting their sales and marketing tactics as well as proactively reaching out to depositors to reassure them through this unprecedented time.

In addition to keeping depositors updated with construction photos and videos, they’ve also been highlighting some depositor testimonials, like this long-form, blog-style piece here, as well as the social posts below.

Fleet LandingAtlantic Beach, FL

Since visitor restrictions were implemented in early March, staff at Fleet Landing have been assisting residents in communicating with their families, friends, and loved ones, including posting some funny, loving messages on their social media pages.

The residents have also had fun with the various in-home scavenger hunts, challenges, and games the staff have put on. Last week, Fleet Landing staff encouraged residents to recreate famous paintings with things they found around their homes. The results were creative!

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