GlynnDevins stopped by Sales School to share its tried-and-true list of effective marketing techniques in the digital age. Susan Bogan, EVP Client Relations, and Lisa Zieren, Senior Account Supervisor, gave the audience plenty to think about as they asked if their communities were actively using each method.

Onto the Top 10…

#10. Believe in you. Get behind your community and what you’re selling.

#9. Content is key. Create relevant content that engages a well-defined audience.

#8. Seeing is believing. Leverage image galleries and videos – from agency-produced to those you shoot with your smartphone – as much as possible on your community’s website.

#7. Don’t waste a good first impression. Optimize your website across desktop and mobile platforms and provide easy options for lead conversion.

#6. Be hostess with the mostest. Take advantage of every touch point when you host an event. Use large events as a platform to make an initial inquiry for your community, and small events to make a personal connection with someone.

#5. Be a champion for chatter. Referral programs strengthen your brand and are a cost-efficient way to drive sales.

#4. Connect with the right people. Seventy-five to 80 percent of a community’s website traffic can come through search, especially in the adult child demo.

#3. Let them know you’re interested. Don’t be coy. Try initiatives like an on boarding program/email campaign so that interested parties receive information about the community on a regular basis.

#2. Find the right fit. Lead scoring helps you target individuals based on specific criteria (financials, resident profile, level of engagement) who are the most likely to buy today.

#1. Follow up fast. When you receive an online lead, treat it like a golden opportunity and attempt to respond with 24 hours. Marketing automation allows you to instantly send a welcome email with pre-populated, relevant content.

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