The November issue of The Overlook, a newsletter published by residents of The Amsterdam at Harborside, shares how the community’s staff and residents worked together to ride out Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged New York, New Jersey and other parts of the East Coast in October. The Amsterdam is located in Port Washington, N.Y.

During the storm, The Amsterdam never lost power or heat. Extra food had been stocked before the storm made landfall, and staff members committed to remain in the building to better serve residents. Here’s an excerpt that describes what happened next, as shared on The Overlook’s front page:

“As one day passed to another, and scenes of destruction and stories of loss of power multiplied, family members and friends of Amsterdam residents began visiting and staying. Young children, shut out of closed schools, were everywhere. Our CCRC became Cold Children’s Recreation Center. The Amsterdam served as a haven for some 120 visitors who bedded down in the comfort of family and friends here. There were numerous ‘displaced’ being fed on the serving lines, staffed by administrators from every department, including The Tuttle Center, some for two weeks.”

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