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Video: 10 Insights From The Greystone Event 2015

One of the best aspects of The Greystone Event is the impressive and diverse group of speakers who volunteer their time to discuss the senior living industry. This year’s group of speakers included CEOs of multi-site organizations, bankers who work in the capital markets, architects, actuaries, attorneys — and even Larry Minnix, president and CEO of LeadingAge.

We’ve done our best to compress hours of presentations and panel discussions into a brief highlight video. This video (embedded below) shares 10 Insights:

  1. Define Success: Mark Andrews of Greystone introduces a discussion on leadership strategies by describing the importance of defining success.
  2. Learn From the Best: Michael Gallagher is the president and CEO of AvMed, parent company to SantaFe Senior Living. He went to executives at Disney to learn about how they pursue service excellence.
  3. Grow to Secure Market Share: Gary Marsh, who leads Masonic Homes of Kentucky, sees growth as an organizational value. He believes that growth is needed to secure his organization’s position as a leader in the Louisville market.
  4. Let Market and Financials Drive Planning: Sloan Bentley discusses how she brought a new approach to master planning when she joined Lifespace Communities.
  5. Exceed Expectations: John Spooner of Greystone describes the next generation of CCRC residents and the standards against which they will evaluate senior living communities.
  6. Get Into the Concierge Business: LeadingAge’s Larry Minnix says that senior living organizations must become a friendly, helpful, responsive source of information and assistance in order to find future success.
  7. Merging Makes Financial Sense: ABHOW’s Dave Ferguson talks about the motivation behind the merger between his organization and be.group.
  8. Create a Sense of Discovery: Rocky Berg of Three: Living Architecture says that a community’s design can help choreograph predetermined moments of spontaneous experience.
  9. Surround Yourself With Experts: Dave Fields of RBC Capital Markets recommends involving professionals who can provide valuable advice as you pursue growth opportunities.
  10. Prepare for Overwhelming Demographics: Brad Paulis of CCRC Actuaries puts numbers behind conventional wisdom, sharing statistics that demonstrate just how strong the demand for high-quality senior living will be in the coming years.

See these speakers in action by using the video player below.

Event 2015 2


Greystone Announces Diamond Award Winners at The Event

Greystone presents the Diamond Awards each year to honor the most accomplished Greystone-managed senior living communities from around the country. The Diamond Awards take into account several components:

  • Resident satisfaction
  • First impressions
  • Financial performance
  • Hospitality
  • Professional employee growth
  • Community accomplishments
  • Leadership development

To be considered, each community submits a binder that documents its performance in these areas and more. Holleran conducts resident and employee satisfaction surveys, and Greystone conducts an unannounced first-impressions visit. Finally, Greystone evaluates each community’s submission and scores to determine if it qualifies for a Diamond Award.

The Diamond Awards feature four tiers: one Diamond (score of 82–86), two Diamonds (87–90), three Diamonds (91–94), and four Diamonds (95 and higher). This year’s ceremony also included a special Diamond Award presented to LeadingAge CEO Larry Minnix.

While the Diamond Awards are not an end to themselves, they do help communities deliver on service excellence and provide the very best senior living management services. Here are this year’s honorees:


Two-Diamond Recognition

Sponsor: Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation
Location: Dallas, Texas
ED: John Falldine

Santa Marta
Sponsor: Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas
Location: Olathe, Kan.
ED: Chet Surmaczewicz


One-Diamond Recognition

Aberdeen Heights
Sponsor: Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America
Location: Kirkwood, Mo.
ED: Jamie Kneen

The Buckingham
Sponsor: Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation
Location: Houston, Texas
ED: Julie Fenske

Edgewood Summit
Sponsor: ABH, Inc.
Location: Charleston, W.Va.
ED: Diane Gouhin

Gulf Coast Village
Sponsor: Volunteers of America
Location: Cape Coral, Fla.
ED: Kevin Ahmadi

Querencia at Barton Creek
Sponsor: Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation
Location: Austin, Texas
ED: Nate Weyand

See photos from the Diamond Award presentation in the gallery below.

Diamond 2015 1 Diamond 2015 2 Diamond 2015 3 Diamond 2015 4 Diamond 2015 5 Diamond 2015 6 Diamond 2015 7 Diamond 2015 8 Diamond 2015 9 Diamond 2015 10 Diamond 2015 11


Photos: Follow-Up From The Greystone Event

Each summer, The Greystone Event welcomes senior living professionals from organizations and locations around the country to Texas for three days of networking and education sessions that share best practices and industry trends.

This year’s Event kicked off with a special presentation by Dave Ferguson on the recent merger between American Baptist Homes of the West and be.group. The merger between these two non-profit senior living providers formed a new entity with nearly $1.5 billion in assets and $360 million in annual revenue. Together they serve 9,800 residents and employ 3,700 staff members at 83 total communities.

The behind-the-scenes look at this merger set the perfect tone for the rest of the education sessions, which covered other important topics, including:

  • Leadership strategies
  • The economic downturn’s current impact on capital markets
  • Executing strategic change
  • Resident expectations and the Fair Housing Act
  • Innovation in design and development
  • Finding success with healthcare brands
  • The science behind sales
  • Service quality excellence

Optimizing market share served as the theme throughout the presentations, further highlighted by an address from LeadingAge CEO Larry Minnix. As always, The Event served as a valuable mid-year opportunity to look at our industry and our individual organizations — and to consider how we can collectively take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

See photos from The Greystone Event 2015 in the gallery below. Stay tuned in August for video highlights and more content from these three days in Texas.

Event 2015 00 Event 2015 1 Event 2015 2 Event 2015 3 Event 2015 4 Event 2015 5 Event 2015 6 Event 2015 7 Event 2015 8 Event 2015 9 Event 2015 10 Event 2015 11 Event 2015 12 Event 2015 13 Event 2015 14 Event 2015 15 Event 2015 16 Event 2015 17 Event 2015 18 Event 2015 19

Larry Minnix to Address Greystone Event Attendees

LeadingAge CEO, Larry Minnix, will join over 170  senior living industry leaders at the annual Greystone Event in Irving, Texas next month.  He is scheduled to address the crowd and share his perspective on hot senior living issues and the future of LeadingAge.  Mr. Minnix has 30+ years of experience in aging services and announced earlier this year his plan to retire at the close of 2015.

During a decade and a half guiding LeadingAge, Minnix burnished his reputation as a soft-spoken but powerful voice on aging-related issues. He helped reinvigorate and unify a diverse 6,000-member organization, while also championing upgrades for resident services, technology and applied research. We look forward to the insight he will bring to our conference July 8-10.

Larry Minnix

LeadingAge Thumb

Recap: Leading Age 2014 Annual Meeting

What an extraordinary week for the Greystone team in Nashville! The education sessions, expo, receptions and networking gave us a platform for connecting with business partners new and old.

Education sessions

View Greystone’s presentations.

Tim Mallad, first vice president of management services, participated in two sessions and was joined by CCRC residents Gene Mitch and Margaret Hare, and Stayton Executive Director Scott Polzin for a discussion on resident councils. Through an open Q&A format, the panel touched on issues like formation, board involvement, hot-button issues and more.

res-councils-1 res-councils-2

While the audience could not always agree on certain issues, heads seemed to nod in unison when one of the panelists imparted that resident councils “are advisory boards to management. Good management listens to what they hear.”

Sue Plasterr, departmental vice president of management services, took to the Ignite stage for a fast-paced talk on transitioning into life care. She offered many measures big and small to help residents feel comfortable. The crowd favorite may have been personal ice cream sundaes on a resident’s birthday – which doubles as a means of delivering medicine.


At the close of the conference, Mary Jane Fitts, departmental vice president of marketing, turned her session’s attention to direct mail. Along with Alyssa Adam and Mark Ingram, the team shared methods and reasons why direct mail remains a viable marketing tool among seniors.


Did you know? Ninety-eight percent of seniors get their mail daily and 90% open direct mail.

General Session

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” LeadingAge President and CEO Larry Minnix quoted Satchel Paige when delivering his keynote address on Redefining Age. You can watch his remarks in full, as he also addresses ageism and changing perceptions around aging.

Artist, designer and urban planner Candy Chang brought her “Before I Die” project to Nasvhille the help of LeadingAge as an “As I Age…” Wall, where visitors scribbled their goals. Best-selling author and TED Talks veteran Simon Sinek spoke about leadership, motivating employees and establishing a healthy workplace environment.


The event was also abuzz with the premier screening of “Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me,” a documentary following the country star’s battle with Alzheimer’s while he embarked on a national farewell tour. LeadingAge and Volunteers of America are partners in the production of the film.


Greystone hosted a steady stream of traffic for the entirety of the expo. We had potentially rewarding conversations with professionals familiar with our team and those seeking information for the first time.

la-booth1 la-booth2 la-booth3

Greystone would like to thank our longtime partners at LeadingAge for their commitment to the industry and for hosting their best event to date. See you in Boston next year!