The business of senior living is complex. Let us help you navigate.


Welcome to Greystone Advisory Services…

… where our team can address these complexities with knowledge, skill and employment of our three decades of experience. Whether your goal is a new development, expansion, repositioning or business improvement, Greystone can assist you. We offer advisory services, including:

Strategy Planning

  • Bringing board members and management together to define objectives consistent with an organization’s mission and values
  • Identifying opportunities to expand senior services, taking into account an organization’s strengths, weaknesses and market competition
  • Understanding market growth and constraints to formulate a recommended strategy
  • Creating a specific plan that prioritizes actions, allocates resources, implements timelines and describes financial realities


Project Planning

  • Envisioning communities that capitalize on market opportunities while adhering to an organization’s strengths, values and goals
  • Defining a project’s direction and scope through market and financial tests
  • Aligning project recommendations that satisfy capital market expectations
  • Preparing a business plan based on today’s environment



  • Finding creative and adaptive ways to reach higher occupancy levels
  • Leveraging our knowledge of current trends and practices to evaluate market opportunities, pricing programs, advertising methods and sales teams
  • Providing ongoing training in lead management and sales tactics
  • Offering practical, relevant recommendations and strategies that can be implemented for both short-term and long-term success


Operations and Business Improvement

  •  Creating ways to exceed resident expectations while meeting financial targets
  •  Combining hospitality-based delivery with business-oriented metrics
  •  Developing financial and operations audits for business improvement

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