Greystone and Ziegler recently teamed up at the LeadingAge Ohio Expo to present on reinventing for relevance. The climate for senior living grows more positive by the day. As opportunities emerge, we are experiencing the following trends:

  • The for-profit sector is rapidly impacting supply and demand in local markets
  • The bond market is turning the corner, credit ratings are increasing and the bank debt market remains attractive
  • Conditions are favorable for financing growth and investment in your organization Communities are increasingly seeking strategic planning support for growth and change. While the primary growth drivers remain expansion and redevelopment of existing campuses, new campuses are starting again as well
  • Communities can diversity by creating new, smaller business lines with less concentration risk – widen the customers you can serve while reducing your reliance on health care
  • When reinventing your campus, create a wow factor to help raise the bar on what residents can expect from your community

If you would like to view the full presentation, email us.