What an extraordinary week for the Greystone team in Nashville! The education sessions, expo, receptions and networking gave us a platform for connecting with business partners new and old.

Education sessions

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Tim Mallad, first vice president of management services, participated in two sessions and was joined by CCRC residents Gene Mitch and Margaret Hare, and Stayton Executive Director Scott Polzin for a discussion on resident councils. Through an open Q&A format, the panel touched on issues like formation, board involvement, hot-button issues and more.

res-councils-1 res-councils-2

While the audience could not always agree on certain issues, heads seemed to nod in unison when one of the panelists imparted that resident councils “are advisory boards to management. Good management listens to what they hear.”

Sue Plasterr, departmental vice president of management services, took to the Ignite stage for a fast-paced talk on transitioning into life care. She offered many measures big and small to help residents feel comfortable. The crowd favorite may have been personal ice cream sundaes on a resident’s birthday – which doubles as a means of delivering medicine.


At the close of the conference, Mary Jane Fitts, departmental vice president of marketing, turned her session’s attention to direct mail. Along with Alyssa Adam and Mark Ingram, the team shared methods and reasons why direct mail remains a viable marketing tool among seniors.


Did you know? Ninety-eight percent of seniors get their mail daily and 90% open direct mail.

General Session

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” LeadingAge President and CEO Larry Minnix quoted Satchel Paige when delivering his keynote address on Redefining Age. You can watch his remarks in full, as he also addresses ageism and changing perceptions around aging.

Artist, designer and urban planner Candy Chang brought her “Before I Die” project to Nasvhille the help of LeadingAge as an “As I Age…” Wall, where visitors scribbled their goals. Best-selling author and TED Talks veteran Simon Sinek spoke about leadership, motivating employees and establishing a healthy workplace environment.


The event was also abuzz with the premier screening of “Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me,” a documentary following the country star’s battle with Alzheimer’s while he embarked on a national farewell tour. LeadingAge and Volunteers of America are partners in the production of the film.


Greystone hosted a steady stream of traffic for the entirety of the expo. We had potentially rewarding conversations with professionals familiar with our team and those seeking information for the first time.

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Greystone would like to thank our longtime partners at LeadingAge for their commitment to the industry and for hosting their best event to date. See you in Boston next year!