Greystone hosted more than 50 business owners, architects, designers in Irving, Texas last week for our 12th annual Developers Conference. Spanning two days, the event featured keynote presentations, guest speakers, client panels, collaborative discussions and workshops.

“The Greystone Conference is something we look forward to each year,” said Ken Ogden, vice president at Lecesse Construction. “There are no other times we meet with the best of the best in senior housing, where everyone in the room is an A-player. The exchange of ideas and information is always interesting and thought-provoking.”

The discussions were lively, engaging and often entertaining. Seemingly every attendee had an opportunity to contribute an anecdote or insight from personal experience.

“It was refreshing to talk about a market that is growing with so many varied experts in the room,” said Rocky Berg with Three Living Architecture. “While in many cases we are competitors, Greystone promotes a real spirit of collaboration seeking innovation through this forum.”

Greystone CEO John Spooner opened the conference with a look at big industry trends – midmarket communities, technology, the push for younger residents, capital markets and sponsor/owner growth. Greystone also teamed up with Ziegler for a deep-dive on capital markets and later shared presentations on pinnacle service and recruitment horror stories, among others.

“I enjoyed the broad array of informational sessions ranging from market analysis to construction industry trends,” said Toni Ferrell, a project architect with GMA Architects. “The conference provided a great opportunity to meet colleagues in design and construction, engage in creative thinking, and find humor in shared tales of success and defeat.”