The story of how Montereau, an 11-year-old CCRC in Tulsa, Okla., reached a point where its leadership called the sales challenge almost insurmountable is one that echoes across the industry. Fallout from the recession and a prospect base hesitant to move is a combination that communities across the country have faced.

Today, Montereau stands out as a success story, having overcome an occupancy deficiency the likes of which it had never before seen. Through a comprehensive marketing plan, Greystone and GlynnDevins helped Montreau increase occupancy by 10 percent and set record sales.

Greystone and GlynnDevins recommended strategies and helped implement solutions like:

  • Sales training that stressed accountability, time management and optimizing individual skill sets
  • New contract incentives, different fee structures and move-in programs
  • Lead-scoring technology to prioritize the prospect base

Greystone offers custom marketing solutions based on our experiences at hundreds of communities nationwide. We provide planning, training, pricing, market analysis and sales consultations that can help you exceed your occupancy goals.

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