Aberdeen Village

Tailored marketing strategies and tactics improve sales and increase occupancy across care continuum.

Sponsor: Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America

Independent Living Apartments: 90
Assisted Living: 44
Skilled Nursing: 60
Total: 194

Opening Date: 2001

Over the last several years, many CCRCs have faced sales and occupancy challenges. Aberdeen Village, in the suburbs of Kansas City, is no different. Aberdeen Village is a 10-year-old CCRC, owned and operated by Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America (“PMMA”); it offers 90 independent living apartments, 41 assisted living apartments and 60 skilled nursing beds. After years of strong performance and stable occupancy in independent living, the challenging economic climate produced lower than budgeted independent living occupancy in 2010. The reduced census put a significant strain on the financial performance of the community.

Addressing Occupancy Concerns

In an effort to increase independent living census, PMMA reached out to Greystone for strategies to improve sales and occupancy. Greystone professionals conducted a one-day site visit that included a tour and discussions with on-site staff. The Greystone team recognized that Aberdeen Village faced marketing and occupancy challenges typical for a community at this stage, including:

  • Increasing average age of IL residents

  • Increasing transfers of IL residents into higher levels of care

  • Apartments beginning to appear dated

  • Community common areas showing early signs of wear and tear

These typical obstacles, coupled with the challenged market environment, required additional marketing focus to maintain occupancy.

Tailored Solutions

  • Greystone recommended tailored marketing strategies, along with move-in and sales tactics, to improve occupancy. Strategies focused on proper market positioning, targeted lead generation, relevant sales and move-in incentives, and a consistent sales focus to overcome the current obstacles. Specific recommendations included:

  • Initiating a data append to evaluate the viability of the community’s active leads

    • Generating more age- and income-qualified leads by:

    • Reducing reliance on print and TV as primary promotional vehicles

    • Avoiding premature disqualification of new leads

    • Adhering to timely and regular follow-up for new inquiries

  • Implementing various sales and move-in incentives targeted to address typical hot prospect objections and drive quick decisions to move in, such as:

    • Alternate entrance fee plans

    • Ladder benefits

    • Deferred entrance fee programs

    • Resident referral program

    • Express move-ins

  • Instituting sales activity tracking and accountability

  • Establishing additional sales staff oversight and supervision


The timely implementation of selected tactics and tools, along with consistent marketing activity, has led to recapturing lost market share. Since January 2011, Aberdeen Village has generated 100 new leads for independent living and approximately 20 re-inquiries, leading to a couple of move-ins. Assisted living is now full, and independent living is well on its way to achieving budgeted occupancy by year-end.

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