Healthcare Corner: Rewarding Compassion

By Sharon Hutson, Vice President, Marketing Services – Greystone
caregiver-tnOver the course of my career, I have visited hundreds of communities of varying ages, sizes and locations. I am continually amazed at the never-ending compassion of caregivers and how much seniors appreciate them.

I’ve visited outstanding communities and communities facing challenges. In doing so, I’ve met many committed staff members, who even when enduring challenging times, persevere because of their heartfelt commitment to residents.

The compassion each associate brings day-in and day-out to the community is invaluable. While difficult to measure in a tangible sense, this type of commitment can make the difference in everything from resident satisfaction to occupancy success.

Consider opportunities to encourage and support the inherent compassion in your caregivers:

  • Find ways to recognize staff for their contributions to the community. And not just for completing day-to-day responsibilities, but for the care, compassion and commitment they exhibit.
  • Bolster staff education. Go beyond required skills training with training to help staff understand the emotional aspects of living in a senior living community, for both residents and their families. Understanding the fears and feelings of residents can help staff relate to them in new and meaningful ways.
  • Evaluate customer service initiatives. Customer service and hospitality are increasingly in-demand in the healthcare sector. Service goes well beyond a concierge welcome and move-in. Empower your associates to recognize and act on opportunities to create a positive experience every day.

Front-line associates can be a community’s unsung heroes. Recognition for their many efforts, coupled with training and support to help them understand the importance of their connection to residents and their families, will reap countless rewards for your community.


Pacific Northwest Workshop Draws Eager Crowd

Greystone and Ziegler recently co-hosted a workshop for senior living professionals in the Pacific Northwest. Nearly 40 attendees representing more than 20 organizations gathered at Skyline at First Hill in Seattle for a full day of networking, collaborative discussions and a tour of the community.


Leaders from Greystone and Ziegler presented on current industry trends, strategic planning and growth, service excellence, healthcare and more. A few of the key takeaways:

  • Growing your community allows you to diversify services, generate economies of scale, and attract better talent and leadership
  • Today’s senior has a heightened expectation of service and what can and should be delivered
  • In conjunction with the team behind the service program at Ritz Carlton, Greystone is developing the next evolution of hospitality as part of our commitment to service excellence
  • In the Pacific Northwest, many communities have aging buildings and must balance serving their current residents with making structural upgrades that will allow them to meet the needs of future residents, especially in health care

We would like to thank Ziegler and everyone who attended the workshop, and look forward to growing our footprint together in the Pacific Northwest.

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Reinventing for Relevance at LeadingAge Ohio

Stuart Jackson, First Vice President Planning/Finance, Greystone, will discuss “Reinventing for Relevance” at the LeadingAge Ohio Annual Conference and Trade Show August 27th from 8:00-9:30 AM.

In this presentation, he will explain how the many factors that make senior living a complex business are aligning to create favorable growth conditions and underserved markets are ripe for development.  He will also address how proactive providers can seize this opportunity to increase market share and finance in the current environment projects that would accommodate the growing senior populations.

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Once Floundering Senior Living Community Sees Huge Turnaround

It’s no secret the goal of every senior living community provider is to have 100% occupancy of its residences. And, with the guidance of Greystone, an Irving, TX-based senior living professional services consultancy, Moldaw Family Residences in Palo Alto, CA can now boast a full house.

Greystone sales, marketing and operations consultants, working with the leadership for Moldaw Family Residences, increased the occupancy rate at the community, nearly doubling it from just under 50% to 95% occupied and 100% of the apartment homes reserved.

“Reaching this milestone for the community didn’t happen overnight,” says Tim Mallad, Greystone’s first vice president for operations management services. “We were very strategic in our approach regarding outreach in the community to area older adults, as well as working internally with the entire Moldaw team on a variety of operational and marketing tactics.”

Moldaw 8-1-14

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